Tuesday, November 24

Understanding Energy Efficiency Ratio for fridge

In any home, a refrigerator consumes approximately 13.7% of the total energy. Owning a refrigerator that doesn’t just guzzle up power makes a lot of sense, both for the environment and for the owner. While deciding on a refrigerator that best suits your needs, there are many things to keep in mind. Which refrigerator is best as far as power consumption is concerned? How would a layerson make out what’s best regarding cost-efficiency?

Understanding the Energy Efficient Ratio (EER)

The energy that a refrigerator uses is mostly to pump heat out. A small amount of energy is reserved to prevent sweating in the cabinet, for defrosting, and for lighting in the interior. The energy-efficient ratio or EER is a ratio that is calculated based on the yearly energy consumed for a specific refrigerator size. It is expressed as the cooled volume per unit of electrical energy consumed daily. So EER = Volume cooled (as measured in cubic feet)/electric energy (measured by kilowatt-hours). The higher this ratio is, the more energy-efficient the refrigerator will be. The energy guide labels (energy stars) on refrigerators will tell you which refrigerator is best. It’s a good idea to look for the star rating as your guide and head for those. These models come with a guaranteed certification of energy efficacy. The higher the number of stars, the more energy-efficient they are.

Things to Consider

With so many models around, which is the best refrigerator under 20,000 INR that is energy-efficient? For starters, if you are on a budget, as most buyers are, you need to carefully examine models when you see them at the showroom. Normally, you will discover that refrigerators that are energy efficient are around 16 – 20 cubic feet in the internal volume space of the refrigerator.

Many of the best refrigerators under 20,000 INR come with a switch that allows you to save power by letting you turn the heating coils down. This can lower energy costs for the refrigerator by approximately 10%.

Energy-Efficient Models

The most common consideration in any buyer’s mind, while buying a fridge these days, is the price of it and how much it will cost to run in the future. Since the cost of running a refrigerator is linked to the monetary aspect, it becomes an important factor while purchasing a fridge. One fact remains despite all the arguments for and against it – yes, it does matter where the freezer is located. Most value-for-money refrigerators have their freezers attached at the top. A top-mount freezer fridge with a certification of “energy star” consumes less power than a light bulb of 60 watts! You get a wide variety of refrigerators that are great energy savers in India. The best refrigerators under 20,000INRare offered by some of the best brands with reputations in the refrigeration and cooling industry that precede them. To name some, the LG 190L, Whirlpool 215L and 245L, Samsung 212L and 230L, and the Haier 258L refrigerators are all great energy savers that have three or four-star ratings, and cost below Rs. 20,000.