Friday, January 15

Top 10 Ways to Landscape the Yard of Your New Home on a Budget

The exterior look of your home is the first thing that attracts the attention of people. The yard of your home is a part of your exterior home design. It is essential to maintain your yard to enhance the exterior appeal of your home.

To design a beautiful yard, you don’t need a lot of money. The most beautifully designed gardens are possible due to the efforts of creative designers.  There are numerous landscaping ideas that you can use to give your yard a beautiful curb appeal.

1. Borders

Borders can enhance the appeal of your garden in many ways. You can use any materials like plastic, bricks, stones or wooden blocks to create the borders in your yard. Borders are the best to utilize the space and creating fine lines between different areas in the garden. Creating borders are great to enhance the curb appeal of your garden at a small or almost no cost.

2. Fencing

Adding fencing is another great idea to offer a posh look to your home and garden. A fence not only adds style to the garden, but also protects it from outside elements and animals. You can get a fence created from the materials like plastic, wood, steel railings and strings. Choose a fencing type that falls within your budget.

3. Add Planters

Planters also make your yard look great when designed with beautiful colors. You can buy the planters from a local nursery at low prices, or you can use the wine crates, barrels or old pallets as planters. Cluster the planters at various heights to add some depth and dimension to your garden.

Paint the planters with bold colors to create a perfect contrast with your yard. Red and white colored plant containers are the most used by the designers. You can use a mix of colors to offer a unique appeal to your backyard.

4. Focal Element

Add a focal element if you do not have one in your landscape. If you already have a focal element in your yard, you can replace it with a new one. The focal element can be a plant or firepot or sculpture or anything else that you think is perfect to attract attention.

If you plan to place a firepot in the middle of your yard, do add some chairs surrounding it to create a seating space. Adding a focal element is enough to steal the sight of visitors and enhance the curb appeal of your front or backyard.

5. Add Perennials

Perennials are the plants which survive in every season. Choose some beautiful perennials and plant them in your garden. Unlike the annual plants, you will not need to replace them with new plants after every season. Perennial re-grow every year from the roots, and you don’t need to plant the new seeds or plants every season. This makes the perennials a budget-friendly and one-time investment.

6. Create Geometric Patterns

If you have some unused space in your backyard, you can create some geometric patterns to enhance the look of your lawn. To create a geometric pattern on a budget, use some recycled pavers in a pattern of your choice. Use the geometric patterns on the unused space or the pathway like the ones we create by using hardwood flooring for the interior design.

Also, plant some moss or creeping sedum between the seams to create an element of contrast. Creeping sedum is a great perennial plant with yellow flowers that thrive in the sunlight and does not require much water to survive throughout the year.

7. Create a pathway

Creating a pathway in your yard is another budget-friendly landscaping idea. You can place the stones on the top of the grass to create a pathway. However, it is better to dig small holes in the shape of the slab stones and then place them.

This will ensure that the stones are fixed best on the ground. Leave a space of half-inch width between the stones to create the seams and plant the creeping sedum or moss in the seams to make it more beautiful.

8. Get some grafts

Many plants grow from the grafts and cuttings like roses. Before you go to the market to purchase the seeds, seedlings and bulbs, you should ask your friends or relatives for some grafts and seedlings. Ask your friends and relatives, who have the plants that you want for your garden. Plants like roses, butterfly bushes and succulents grow very well from the grafts and cuttings which can save you a lot of money.

9. String lights

Darkness can cover the beauty and appeal of your garden, doesn’t matter how well you maintain it. Lighting is necessary for your yard to maintain its beauty in the dark and spend time in the evenings. LED string lights are perfect to use in the lawns and landscapes as they are available in a variety of patterns and colors.

LED string lights enhance the beauty of your garden and makes it perfect for parties and spending time in the evenings. Some lights are specially designed to use in the backyards. For example, yellow colored lights that are designed to use on the sides of the pathways. However, they are expensive, but you can use the simple LED string light at a reasonable cost.

10. Mulching Flowerbeds

Mulching is essential for the flowers to grow and bloom healthy. Mulching is not only good for the health of plants, but it also adds colors and textures to your garden. It maintains the moisture and temperature of the soil, which ensures that your plants get all the required nutrients from the ground. The deep brown color of the mulch would be sufficient to offer your yard a natural look and appeal.

Final Words

There are many landscape ideas which you can use to enhance the curb appeal of your garden.  All the ideas mentioned above are only a handful of the top landscaping ideas. In addition to these ideas, you can use a variety of plants, some unique plants, shrubs and flowers to enhance the curb appeal and the aesthetic look of your yard.