Monday, January 25

Tips of Paint Over Ceramic Tile Cheap & Easy Way

In the Philippines, Floor tiles’ polish is hard to maintain since the country is susceptible to floods inside houses.

Floor tiles in the Philippines are usually found in bathrooms, living rooms, and sometimes even in outdoor areas like the garage, terrace, or balcony.

The types of tiles used in houses are either stone or ceramic tiles, with the latter being the more popular choice since they are durable and easy to maintain.

If your floor tiles are in need of a general cleaning, or you just want to coat them in a different color, then read these pointers and start your way from here.

1. Repair     

Before you start preparing to paint your floor tiles, you should fix cracked or damaged tile pieces first.

If your floor has gaps where the tiles used to be, make sure that you fill it, and then survey the whole area to check if everything is in top shape.

The point of painting the tiles is to have a presentable aesthetic. When you don’t want to paint over the tiles, then it is probably best to just replace them.

2. Prepare

This step is just as important as the painting itself. After all, you wouldn’t achieve your desired results if you haven’t prepared adequately.

A keyword in preparation is cleanliness. The tiles must be very clean before they can be painted on. That is, it must be free from dust, grease, grime, and mold.

Another factor that is important in the preparation is to use sandpaper on the tiles.

Ceramic tiles have a smooth surface which makes it hard to paint on, so you’ll have to lightly sand the tile so the gloss will be removed.

3. Paint

Depending on the paint you use, you have options on how to go about painting your ceramic tile.

If you are using Latex paint, follow these steps:

  • You have to choose a good primer before applying a coat of color.
  • Apply one to two coats of a primer made to adhere to tile surfaces then allow it to dry.
  • After applying the primer, you can now put two topcoats of the latex wall paint.

On the other hand, if you are using Epoxy paint, there is no need to use a primer before you apply paint.

Same as the previous type, you have to apply two coats of paint for it to show great results.

4. Final Step

Once it’s all dry and ready, you should use a high-quality sealant to protect your painted floor from scratches and scuff marks caused by the foot traffic on your rooms.

Don’t let water settle for too long on the tiles, and as much as possible, clean it once every two weeks, but not so much that the paint will begin to fade away.

5. Key Takeaway

Painting your ceramic tiles requires your enthusiasm to see the product of your hard work. It will be nice to see the new color contrasted with the previous one so you can take a picture of its before and after. Ceramic tiles are built to last for a long time, so this is probably not the last time you’re going to paint it. Keep these tips in mind the next time you do!