Friday, January 15

Reasons You Need a Certified DUI Attorney in a DUI Case

Colorado has strict rules concerning DUI. So, if you were recently pulled over by a cop or arrested for drunk driving or driving under any kind of influence, you should start looking for a lawyer right away. Some may not agree because DUI, as terrible as it sounds is pretty common, and going to the length of hiring a lawyer for a charge like that may not seem like the most financially sane thing to do. But, think again. DUI is exactly the kind of charge you want to have a lawyer for. But don’t take my word for it. Here are the three most obvious reasons for hiring a DUI attorney Denver in the said case.

You can get Fired on Account of a DUI Arrest

Most people in America drive to work. Some even have to drive on the job. For both of them, a DUI charge is especially bad news. You need a lawyer to bail you out of it. But before that, let’s go over the things you think you can do on your own to get out of the situation.

  • Most people make an appeal to the state Ignition Interlock Program, but that way the soonest you will have your license back is a month later.
  • But your chance of applying to the IIP gets null and void if you had refused to take a chemical test on the spot.
  • Those of you who have a commercial license, for your first DUI offense, your license gets a year’s suspension, and for a second, for life.

All of the said outcomes can cause you to lose your job. Should that happen, finding another employment without a driver’s license is another insurmountable problem. For headhunters, your record would mean you are a bad risk. Having a DUI defense attorney Aurora helps avert these risks. An attorney can help you dismiss the case legally or at least reduce it so it does not ruin your current or future employment.  

You Can Lose Your Professional License

A DUI offense can have a lifelong employment consequence. Cancellation of professional licenses is one of the many possible outcomes of DUI. If you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, chiropractor, or anybody with a professional license, then a DUI can be made to suggest that you are abusing alcohol and that can eventually lead to loss of your professional license. With your revoked license, you will not be able to practice in the future.

But don’t follow others’ examples of not reporting the case because the board will eventually find out and then it will mean bigger trouble.

You Can Be Sentenced to Serve Prison Time

DUI in Colorado is a jailable offense, and even a first time DUI offense can end you in prison for 2 days to up to 90 days. This can happen if things go sideways in court. With prior convictions, the sentence can get much worse. Having a lawyer helps put together a strong case and put up a solid argument in the court, both of which can result in averting jail time and a potential penalty.

So in the ten days, you get between the incident and the DMV hearing, get in touch with a good DUI attorney in your area and once you have the Notice of Revocation, apply for an Express Consent hearing. In the meantime, you can double the Notice of Revocation as your temporary driver’s permit until you get your license back. As for the kind of lawyer to seek, prefer someone with specialized training and experience in DUI law. These professionals handle both hearing and criminal cases.