Monday, January 25

Pro-level tips that one must follow to make the car last longer

The maintenance of the car is a very important step and every car owner must follow some tips to increase the life of their car. There must be a proper maintenance schedule of the car so that it can perform at its best. People can go with the option of weekly inspection to maintain the car. This will help to identify the areas that need immediate attention and to replace the worn-out parts that will help to save thousands of rupees. People can go with car servicing Bangalore to take proper care of the car. 

 Preventive maintenance is the best way to start. Following are some of the points that need to be taken care of to maintain the health of the car: 

1.checking the air filter: many of the problems in the car are caused because of the loose fittings of the air filters. This prevents the dirt and particles from entering the engine and directly affects the performance. People must get the filter changed after every 12 months and this part of maintenance should never be ignored. In case one is professional or one has knowledge one can do this at home also.

2. Inspection of fluids and tire pressure: tire pressure is something which one must never ignore as tires are the most important component of the car. Proper tire pressure, wheel balance and regular rotation of the tires will help to have a comfortable and safe drive. The tires will last longer in case one goes with these pro tips. One must be in the habit of checking the pressure of the tires on a fixed date after a month.

3. Checking the battery of the car: people can go with checking the cables in connection to the terminal of the battery. There can be the usage of a multimeter with the engine that can help to check if the battery is fully charged. One must check the voltage and it should be near about 13.7 to 14.7 volts. In case the battery is low then it might be an alternator and to check this, one can go and start the engine and turn on the lights. In the case, lights are dim the alternator is probably the issue.

4.Changing the spark plugs: in case one notices that the engine is not working efficiently the reason for it can be the spark plugs. If not checked they can wear out and can be covered in a buildup. In case the car is not performing well as it usually does then one must check the spark plugs and its wires. In case they are in bad condition one must replace them for better performance.

5.Rotating the tires: this is the easiest trick to prevent the wearing and tearing of tires. This will help them to last longer. By rotating the front and rear tires the balance can be increased. One must also make sure that the tires of the car are also aligned as the non-aligned tires can cause problems with the steering. 

 There are many Best car service centres in Bangalore which can provide such pro tips to the owners of the car and they have no need to worry.