Friday, January 15

Notable Advantages of Installing Steel Security Doors at Home

The security of a property is the foremost concern of its owner. The demand for adequate security is same for both residential and commercial buildings. The doors and windows are meant for keeping the indoors safe from the unwanted intruders. However, ordinary doors may not be sufficient to prevent burglaries in many cases. So the security steel doors are now highly preferred for the best security features offered to every building, wherever installed. Now some reputed companies manufacture these doors of different designs that fit into all types of house decor.

Main Reasons for Choosing Steel Security Doors

  • Provides Utmost Security: The empty homes and offices are often vulnerable for thefts and burglaries. They open the bolts of the doors for entering the premises. However, the steel security doors cannot be broken due to the latest locking system in several points. There are more features added to these doors, like anti-lever hinge bolt, anti-lever frame lip, anti-drill lock and anti-crash system. Moreover, very thick and best quality steel is used for making these doors, which is impossible to break with any instrument.
  • Elegant Designs: The manufacturers make sure to create innovative sleek and stylish designs for the modern steel security doors. Though wide frames need to be built for rendering more stability to these doors, there are numbers of varieties in their designs that the homeowners can choose from. Thus, the house looks more sophisticated due to these elegant doors at the entrance ways.
  • Automatic Shutting Off: Most of these doors are provided with special mechanism that automatically closes the door within a few minutes of opening it. Hence, these security doors cannot be left open due to the negligence of the residents. The entrance of the building remains closed all the time, ensuring the security of the indoors.
  • Fireproof Feature: These steel doors are resistant to fire and hardly harmed even in the most devastating fire. Moreover, the fireproof steel prevents the spread of a fire through these doors, protecting the indoors from any fire breakout outside. It is tested that these steel security doors can withstand fire up to four hours, giving sufficient time to the residents for seeking help.
  • Rustproof Material: Ordinary steel is often prone to be rusted just like iron. However, the high quality steel used in these security doors never faces the problem of rust. The manufacturers further put coating of coloured powder or paints over the steel surface to make these doors absolutely rustproof. This coating can be reinforced any time whenever it wears off with passing time.
  • Cannot Be Opened Without Keys: These steel security doors have the most updated locking mechanisms and usually multiple keys are needed to open them. Hence, there is no chance of anyone of opening these doors without having the right keys to these advanced locks. So, no intruder can dream of opening locks by using false keys or other means.
  • Allow More Airflow Inside: The frames of the steel doors have lesser width than that of doors made of timber or aluminium. Hence, there can be more entry of fresh air blowing indoors, when the doors are kept open by the residents for better ventilation. This aspect is useful during summer, when people want to cool the rooms with natural air in the evenings.
  • Provide Relaxation Regarding Security: Now people can go on vacation leaving their homes and offices unguarded due to the presence of these best security doors. The homeowners need not worry about the safety of their belongings while they are away.

Conclusion: The steel security doors are now available from the well-known manufacturers in reasonable prices.  It is a worthy investment for a house owner that also increases the property value.