Saturday, September 19

Natural immunity boosters in Ayurveda

In earlier times, people were strong and they live a very long life and average living age at that time was around 80-95. This was all due to a healthy diet, regular exercise, and pure and natural air. But nowadays, due to the deterioration of the food and air and lack of exercise, our immunity has become weak and the average age has come around 65-75. So, to live a long life and to stay healthy and fit, it is very important to boost up your immunity. For the same, you can take the best immunity booster in ayurveda which will help you to boost your immunity on a natural basis. Apart from this, you can include the following to your diet and they will help to boost your immunity naturally. These are: –

  • Citrus fruits: The citrus fruits contain vitamin C which helps to reduce the cold and helps in boosting up the immune system. It is necessary to intake vitamin C regularly as it is not produced by our body.
  • Red bell peppers: These are commonly known as red capsicum and it is highly enriched with vitamin C and this will help to maintain healthy skin.
  • Broccoli: It is the best-known vegetable enriched with a variety of vitamins, minerals, or fibre. The best way to consume broccoli is as a salad or cook it very less.
  • Garlic: Almost everyone adds garlic to the food and is well-aware of its ability to fight infections and is known for preventing of hardening of arteries.
  • Ginger: Ginger is well known for its reducing inflammation and sore throat. Many people add it in the tea when they suffer from any throat problem. It also helps in decreasing chronic pain.
  • Spinach: It is enriched with vitamin C and for retaining Vitamin A from it, go for spinach juice and avoid excess cooking.
  • Almonds: Everyone is well aware of the benefits and uses of almonds. It helps in boosting up the immune system and is also good for skin and hair.
  • Green tea: It is a rich source of amino acid and helps in regulating the immune system due to its anti-oxidant properties. Apart from these, amino acid helps in producing cells that fight germs.
  • Papaya: It is the fruit that has digestive enzymes (i.e. Papain) and is highly enriched with vitamin C and other various kinds of minerals which helps in improving the overall health of the body.
  • Kiwi: It is known for boosting up white blood cells which further helps in fighting infection. It is good for the overall health of the body and is mostly taken when a person is suffering from dengue and his white blood cell count gets reduced.

Hence, these are the natural immunity boosters that you can include in your meal. Apart from this, you can also consume boost immune system ayurveda which is made directly from natural herbs and shrubs and have no side effects. Moreover, you can also do exercise for a healthy and fit body and the exercise also helps to get rid of toxins in the body, if any. While exercising, sweat comes and along with which toxins also getaway.