Tuesday, January 19

Insect Repellent Plants That Help Us Against Pests Organically

Today I want to tell you everything I know about plants that help us against pests. Those of you who has garden will know that if we plants we need to ensure protect the crops against the most common pests. With an ecological way and promoting biodiversity in certain season. We are thankful with this method. As the use of chemicals will not be necessary since we achieve a certain good results.

If you like the organic gardening, then this list of organic plants you cannot miss for your garden or gardening. If these plants pests persist and you want to use some type of pesticide or pesticide I invite you to always use ecological remedies and avoid chemicals.

1. Calendula

If you usually see other garden, you will feel that the Calendula is the queen in any garden. Since the plant is reproduced in an incredible way. Sometimes it becomes a outbreak if it is not controlled. The biggest advantage of having calendula in our garden is to repel aphids, whitefly, bed bugs and nematodes. It also attracts beneficial insects both pollinators and aphids devourers.

2. Rosemary

The rosemary cannot be absent in your garden or terrace. Because it is very easy to take care of it. Since it distresses precise irrigations and is resistant to diseases. It is able to chase away the butterfly from the cabbage and several flies from other vegetables. It also attracts a multitude of pollinators with its flowers.

3. Mint

This insect repellent plants likes by many for its characteristic aroma. But its best quality is to repel butterflies of cabbage and ants. Although it is said that its smell also displeases the rats a lot. It also attracts beneficial insects that help with the pollination of our plants and control other pests besides those mentioned.

4. Basil

There is no secret that basil can repels and drives away of a certain pests. Like the whitefly, flies, bedbugs and mosquitoes. It is a plant highly recommended for crops such as tomatoes or peppers. Like other aromatic plants, it also attracts pollinators, which greatly increases our production.

5. Nasturtium

The nasturtium, also known as the blood flower. A insect repellent plants helps in the fight against soil nematodes and worms, as well as other insects such as aphids. It is also believed to fight effectively against bed bugs, snails and ants. From my experience, although at first it repels the ants, they end up getting used to the plant.

Did you already know all of these insect repellent Plants? If you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments and do not forget to help me spread it. You can share it on your social networks and follow me on this blogs.