Monday, January 25

Importance of protein shakes intake for body building

One of the most important supplements that you need in order to build a body is protein. Body builders are taking protein in some form or the other. The best way to take protein is by including protein in the form of solid foods in your diet. But it may not be possible to take in solid forms of protein by the body builders since they may not have the time to prepare food every time. 

So, in this case you may take protein shakes which are also the best way of adding protein to your diet. You just need to prepare a protein shake using whey or asitis protein powder in a shaker bottle and add some water; juice or milk to it and then it is ready. You can carry it with you almost every time and everywhere. 

Protein powders- types and benefits

As already said above, you can find protein in any solid forms of food as well. It is a very important supplement that is needed by your body in the right amount. The different types of protein that you can find are-

  • Whey proteins- these types of protein are dairy based and gets absorbed quickly. It has all the necessary amino acids present in it.
  • Casein proteins- these are dairy based as well containing all the necessary amino acids but gets absorbed slowly.
  • Soy protein- this plant based protein also has all the essential amino acids in it.
  • Hemp protein- although it is plant based but contains low amount of lysine which is an important amino acid. 
  • Rice protein- this, too is low in lysine and plant based.
  • Pea protein- it is also plant based and has a low amount of amino acids like cysteine, methionine which are non-essential.

So, these were the types of proteins. These proteins are to be taken in the right amount. 

Why do the body builders include protein shakes in their diet? It is one of the most important questions. In order to build the muscles, protein plays a very important role. They help to produce the essential hormones, cellular messengers, enzymes, immune system components and nucleic acids. If adequate amount of protein is not taken by the body then it will not be able to construct the tissues and cells in the body nor will it be able to produce biochemical components. These biochemical components are important for the proper functioning of cardiovascular tissues, contraction, growth or healing of the muscles. 

All these will not be possible without the presence of protein in the body in the adequate amount. Even post workout, taking protein is good which are delivered to the muscles. Since, solid food rich in protein takes more time to break down and digest, it is best to take in protein shakes made of asitis whey protein isolate after working out. Protein shakes take less time to get digested and this is where body builders get benefitted.

Thus, you can always consult a dietician about the right type of protein that will be good for you to take.