Friday, January 15

How to successfully decorate the largest wall in your house

A room with large walls can be quite intimidating when you think about how to decorate it. It is huge and glaring at you. Painting the wall can bring a bit of relief but still it does not solve the problem. In fact, there is a lot that you can actually do with a wall like that. If the house is yours then you can look for permanent solutions for the wall. But if the space is a rented one then you will have to look for a temporary solution that does not damage the walls yet makes them look beautiful throughout your stay.

Here are some ways in which you can achieve the desired effect without earning the ire of your landlord.

  • A bit of artwork can add colour to your empty walls and allow people to understand the art lover inside you. But then if it costs a fortune you will have to look for another option like painting one yourself. If you cannot hold a brush to save your life then try a bit of fabric. You can buy some gorgeous fabric and drape it on an old canvas to make it look like an arty stuff. Use as many colours as you want and watch how it changes the look of the house. Alternatively, you can also buy something from wall décor online India that suits your pocket.
  • Wallpaper looks great f you can design something with it. You can frame remnants of it in a no-messy way and watch the walls start looking gorgeous. Think of a theme and then put up wall papers that unify the idea. Take the help of a thing frame, preferably white, as the backdrop and make it look like panel moulding. 
  • Shelves are required in any household for keeping all the bric-a-bracs. Using the largest wall can really save a lot of space and make the wall look beautiful also. Two or three long racks with photo frames or small statues make the room look amazing. Change the objects and art pieces from time to time to make the shelf more interesting. 
  • If you love art and colour, try using murals to decorate the walls. You can buy temporary ones that come with adhesive on the back. You can remove the same when it is time to leave the rented place. But if you have a house of your own then you can invest heavily in a mural by some renowned painter. For people who are interested in animals, you can also get the pictures of your favourite one’s custom printed by professionals. Keep changing the pictures from time to time to make the rooms look beautiful. 
  • You can also try going for wall décor online shopping or simply using the washi tape. These are long strips of colourful paper which can be designed in various ways to give the wall a graphic statement. You can go for geometric patterns or even shapes of animals or things to give the wall a different appearance.