Tuesday, January 19

How to start a garden of fragrant plants

Would you like to have a garden where, upon arrival, you could perceive a very, very pleasant aroma that makes you forget your worries so you can enjoy your beloved plants? This, although it may seem a difficult dream to make reality, the truth is that it is much easier to get than you think. Why? Because we have at our disposal a wide variety of aromatic plants at a very interesting price: no more than 5 USD can be found in the nurseries.

So, discover how to create a garden of aromatic plants, and boast of green space.

Choose the best place to have your garden of fragrant plants

These are very resistant plants, but they need to be in full sun so that they can grow well -except for the parsley and the sage, which prefer to be in semi-shade, otherwise the problems, will soon appear. For this reason, it is important to select a garden place that is very exposed to the sun light. Therefore, that in this way all the ‘green’ can be developed in the best possible way.

Another important point is the soil, the land. It must have good drainage, and be slightly alkaline. This will prevent the dreaded ponding and subsequent root rot.

Choose the plants

There are many plants that give off a very pleasant aroma that you can put in your garden. Some examples are:

  • Lavandula (all species)
  • Salvia (all species)
  • Route graveolens (rue)
  • Capparis spinosa (caper)
  • Artemisia annua (sagebrush)
  • English Marigold (calendula)
  • Petroselinum crispum (parsley)
  • Malva (all species)
  • Rosales
  • Bulbous plants such as Amaryllis, Iris, Galtonia, or Hyachinthus (Hyacinth)

Planting the plants

Once you have chosen the aromatic plants that will be placed. Now is the time to move on to the most rewarding task: planting. For this, you must take into account these considerations:

Plants that are larger or taller should be placed in the back. Thus, they will not take light from those who do not grow so much.

It is interesting to combine plants with different colored leaves. For example, you could make a flowerbed with lavender (gray-green leaf), parsley (green leaf), rosemary (dark green leaf), and purple leaf basil.

Place some trees with aromatic flowers. If you also want to have a little shade in some corner, it is worth putting some, such as ornamental cherry, medlar, privet, or citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit …).

And to enjoy!