Friday, January 22

How Much Does a Cochlear Implant Cost You?

The cost of cochlear implant treatment primarily depends on the country you choose for your surgery. There can be a significant difference in the treatment price from one country to another.

The minimum cost of a cochlear implant is 13,500 US dollars, and it can go as high as 50,000 US dollars.

The Cochlear Implant Price is minimum in India, and it is maximum in the US. The price of the implant mentioned above is for the single ear. If you wish to get the implant done on both the sides, then the costs might double up.

So, before you plan your cochlear implant, one of the major concerns is researching the price of transplant. However, no other country can provide you with the treatment at a cost lower than India.

Why People Leave Their Country To Avail A Cochlear Implant in India?

Patients from different parts of the world are travelling to India for a cochlear implant because of the lower cost and higher efficiency of the treatment.

People availing treatment in other countries pay higher prices, and the success rate is also not very high. Most of the times, either the patients have to suffer post-surgical complications or have to go for revision surgery.

Well, it is not the case of a cochlear implant or any other medical assistance in India. The success rate of a cochlear implant is approximately 99% in India. It is because the doctors in India are highly careful about the treatment procedures as well as diagnosis.

Sufficient precautionary measures are taken before, during, and after the surgery to avoid the complications in the patient. So, all the people looking for the best treatment at an affordable price with post-surgical support, plan their medical tourism to India.

Every year the number of travellers travelling to India for a cochlear implant is increasing. It is the hope of the patients, availability of the best doctors and the hospitals, along with the best results that bring the patients to India for a cochlear implant.

As per the recent study, most of the patients from the African and the western countries say that they have all the convenience when they plan their treatment in India. Here, medical tourism companies have offered them all the ease. Well, it is a fact that medical tourism companies in India perform outstandingly when it comes to the assistance of healthcare travellers.

You just need to share your medical reports and right from getting an opinion for treatment to making all your arrangements for the procedures; everything is adequately taken care of by the healthcare service providers.

Final Words:

The Cochlear Implant is the most satisfying procedures in India. Moreover, the Cost of the Cochlear Implant in India is USD 13,500 to 16,500 max. It allows you to save considerably compared to availing the treatment in other countries of the world. So, whether it is about an adult or a paediatric patient, you can plan your treatment carefree in India without worrying.