Monday, January 18

Handy Tricks to Get More YouTube Subscribers

There are some strategies that one can learn to get more youtube subscribers in 2020.

1. Focussing on quality rather than quantity – Many times we come across the phrase “If you want to grow your channel, you need to upload videos on a regular basis”. But as it comes out, that’s not good advice to follow. Instead of quantity, focus entirely on the quality and it will work out really well. Pour heart and soul into every video and that’s the best way to get more subscribers. 


2. Reply to each comment – That’s one of the easiest ways to have more subscribers since most YouTubers never really reply to comments. That means when you take the pain to reply to every comment you actually stand out from the crowd. 

3. Write a captivating channel description – Most channel descriptions don’t really look nice and thus fail to make one lunge for the subscribe button. A good channel description tells what the channel is all about and shares important information about the channel like the upload schedule. 

4. Use an amazing channel icon – Icon is very much like a custom thumbnail for the entire channel and it’s very important to use the right one. For example, if it’s a personal brand, one can use a high-res headshot or if it’s a company channel, one can use a version of the logo that has been designed for youtube. 

5. Creating a channel tagline – All you need to do is create a simple tagline by firstly identifying one thing that makes the channel unique and putting it in a big font. 

6. Making an awesome channel trailer – Create a trailer sticking to 60 seconds or less since shorter trailers prove to be best. Trailer is a really great opportunity for promoting the best content. 

7. Buying real youtube subscribers – To grow your channel on youtube and increase subscribers you need to buy real youtube subscribers through this platform ( 

8. Embed the youtube videos in blog posts – Blog is a big source for subscribers and views because if someone’s ids going through the text content, then they surely like the stuff there that also means they’re really primed to subscribe. 

9. Promote the channel in webinars, Presentations and e-books – Always include a link to the channel in every lead magnet. Promoting the channel in podcast interviews could also do well. 

10. Organize the channel page – Hire a pro designer in order to design new channel art. Organize the videos in such a way that the best content appears on the top. There are no perfect ways but few things which can work for or against the page. 

11. End the videos after mentioning the one you’re working on next – Subscribing to any youtube channel involves an act of anticipation. Viewers who know about the brand would like to know more about it and will be primed to ask for more. Of course, hyping about the next video would not only make sure why it shouldn’t be missed but also encourage people to tap on the subscribe button. 

So, these are some basic ways to get more youtube subscribers for a channel and I feel happy to share these. Nonetheless, there are even more ways to do so.