Tuesday, January 19


If you are into email marketing, you must already be aware of the saying, “the money is in the list.” The general idea is, your sales and revenue are directly dependent on the length of your email list. It is the absolute truth for any company out there. An email marketing list gives you the power of convincing people.

Most new companies with great talent and excellent products still suffer due to the lack of a robust email list. The challenge is to get people on your list. The next is to categorize your subscribers. There are thousands of email marketing tactics out there. first-time

Why is your current email marketing strategy not working?

You may include significant points, value props and more. People are not as likely to buy your products. If you do not offer people something specific, very likely, you will find your emails in their spam folder after a while. Therefore, here’s what you need to do to liven up your email marketing strategy –

#1.  Give people a reason

You can always create an attractive landing page and,  a message to get people on board. However, this does not work for increasing your sales. You need to give them enough reason to sign up. If your users are not getting anything valuable and unique at the end of the process, they will not want to join your list.

You can create a bullet-list on your landing page. Have you checked out Copybloggers email sign up page? They offer 15 ebooks and one training course for everyone who signs up for their emailers. Keep the list neat. Maintain an order. Be sure to include any promo offers or free products for first time buyers upon sign up. This is an excellent way to create an interactive email list.

#2. Make the process compelling

We have all given exams, and we all know how much we hate writing them. So keep the forms simple. Do not make them seem like the DMV paperwork or the MCQ paper from grad school. Use definite color codes, bullet points and a straightforward approach. Do not make your potential customer go through four pages just to sign up. We live in a racing world. If you take up too much of a user’s time for the registration process, they will just take their business somewhere else.

#3. Create a lead magnet

Do not go for most of the generic freebies companies offer nowadays. Include something “personal” for your audience. This can be a tailor-made solution. If you specialize in SEO services, include an ebook to latest SEO trends. People love free stuff that adds meaning to their online existence. Just making a mundane list with your business value props is not enough to keep your potential buyers hooked. Making an effective lead magnet will need some dedication and time.

According to the Edmonton SEO team, there are the three most important pillars of any email marketing campaign. If you do not have any of these, that is your biggest problem. Revisit your email list building strategy. You may have to start from scratch, but it will give you a rewarding list, filled with potential clients and customers.

How to start your new email marketing campaign?

Once you have a long email list, you have to start with your new marketing campaign.

#1. Soft sell is weak but necessary

Writing the first email is the worst. Believe us! You will get a hang of it by the time you are sending out your 10th round of emails. The first one should always be the introductory email. This one should include “soft sell” points since you do not yet know the preferences of your customers in detail. It is much like a marketing cold call.

This email should focus on relationship building. Do not think about the kill here. Think about nurturing their trust. Introduce yourself and your business to boost the stronghold of your relationship proposal. Always follow it up with a CTA of social media connection or email reply. This will help you gauge the initial response from the first phase of your marketing.

#2. Hard sell email is a must

Next, comes the “hard sell” mail. You can directly start with attractive offers you would like to offer the reader. You can include a live link in the form of a JPEG or an anchor text. This can only go in one of the following ways –

  • Your straightforward email awakens their curiosity, and they visit your store.
  • This hard sell approach puts them off, and you do not hear from them.

Then again, none of the marketing techniques are foolproof. On the other hand, email marketing can generate 70% of the leads for your company.

#3. Try the “social media” approach

You can try this if you are feeling particularly enthused and adventurous. Combine the best of social media and email marketing to give shape to your dream.

Using this strategy, you can reach out to potential clients directly over social media. This will make sure, the person has your contact details, and he has an idea who you are. It is true. We usually do not follow up every social media request with an email or a personal message, but it is a great strategy you can use to build a strong association.

#4. Invoke interest at the beginning

Whenever you are starting a new string of emails, always include a subject line. To add a personal touch, include the name of the recipient. Most smart marketing companies include only the first name to make the email sound a little more personal and less formal. However, avoid spelling errors at all costs. If you make a mistake spelling a person’s name, you can be sure to never hear from him or her again.

#5. A quick recap

Your first aim should be to reach out to a relevant audience. For this, you need to create an extensive list of emails. Then include an interesting subject line that will prompt your potential customers to open your emails. These are the very basics of every email marketing campaign, which has been successful.