Wednesday, January 20

Going to Beijing? Here’s a Guide to Beijing’s Nightlife!

Beijing’s cultural heritage and prosperity is not restricted to the daylight rather travelers have a lot to explore and unravel at night in the capital city. Nightlife in the city is as awesome as its day – vibrant and colorful. We have brought together the things to do and places to visit in this guide to Beijing Nightlife. This list will make you want to book cheap flights to China[A1] immediately.   


Enjoy a Kung Fu Show

Your trip to Beijing can never be complete if you don’t watch Chinese Kung Fu. It is one of the most enduring sports that need both brain and brawn. The Kung Fu theory is based upon Chinese philosophy. You can head to Red Theatre to watch an entertaining Kung Fu show in Beijing. It narrates a young boy’s story who aspires to become a Kung Fu master and how he overcomes temptations and obstacles on his path of enlightenment. The show involves acrobatics, Kung Fu and dancing to entertain fans, kids and families.

Timing: 7:30pm to 8:30pm (Daily)

Location: 44 XingfuDajie in Chongwen District

Experience local life in the Hutong Alleys

If you want to get closer to the local life of the city, lose yourself I the maze-like narrow and winding alleys, the hutongs of old Beijing. As the sun sets and the locals get back to home from work or school, the right time to explore the hutongs starts. The most popular hutong areas are near Tongluoguxiang and where you will find residents enjoying a game of mahjong right on the street. Some prefer jamming sessions using traditional musical instruments.      

Go for a night tour to the Great Wall at Simatai

The only area of the Great wall that remains open at night is the Simatai Section. It offers the locals and tourists have the majestic view of the gigantic Great Wall. A peaceful night walk on the dimly-lit wall will give you an unforgettable experience. You can also stay overnight in the Simatai water town if you want. 

Watch an Acrobatics Show

Chinese Acrobatics has got a long history that got it innumerable praises naming it ‘The Pearl of Oriental Art”. You will be impressed watching the successful artists perform with fantastic skills that come from hard training. Go to Chaoyang Theatre to watch a superb acrobatics performance set in a modern stage setting. You will get to enjoy bicycle acrobatics, ball skills, hoop jumping, ballet, Chinese magic tricks and contortion. 

Timings: 5:15pm to 6:15pm & 7:15pm to 8:30pm (Daily)

Location:Chaoyang Theatre, Chaoyang District

Applaud Beijing Opera Singers

Beijing Opera or Peking Opera is a unique art form of China displaying the quintessence of the country. The opera show is a combination of singing, dancing and acrobatics where the singing style is richly poignant. The performers wear startling costumes and masks, put on facial make-up, adapt stylistic role-play, vocal skills and play traditional music as these are the perfect highlights of Peking or Beijing Opera. 

Timings: 7:30pm to 9:00pm (Daily)

Location:Liyuan Theatre, QianmenJiangou Hotel, Xuanwu District

Get a surreal view of Forbidden City from the ‘Scenic Hill’

Jingshan Park, located north of The Forbidden City, is the ultimate place to have a bird’s eye view of central Beijing and Forbidden City. The park remains open after sunset, till 8:00pm in winters and 9:00pm in summers. Climb the Scenic Hill in the evening as the Forbidden City looks immensely beautiful with the sun rays falling on the palace eaves. 

Watch a gig

Beijing has the highest number of bars compared to other major cities in China. You will find a bar culture in Beijing that involves live shows, magic shows, etc. Most bars are located in the Xicheng, Chaoyang and Haidian districts of the city where you can enjoy live performances. Beijing Workers’ Stadium also organizes circuses and concerts occasionally. Attending a gig is an ideal way to observe Beijing’s nightlife.

Chill in a bar

As already said, Beijing is replete with bars and night cafes in the hutongs. For a happening nightlife experience in Beijing, head to Houhai area. The hutongs turn vibrant brimming with youngsters as the sun sets neon lights come to show. You can also go to Sanlitun Bar Street in Chaoyang district. There are several bars and restaurants serving an array of international cuisines. You can go out with your friends to experience the stunning Sanlitun nightlife. At night, the restaurants and cafes turn into laid-back, luxury nightclubs.