Sunday, January 24

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Illustrations to Be Great at Them

Although there are different ways to enhance the impact of your book, one major way is incorporating illustrations in it to support the text. Illustrations simply create wonders! They help the reader delve deeper into the story. So, illustrations are like a window through which readers can enter straight into the depth of the story. But bad illustrations can be as harmful to your books as useful good illustrations are. Don’t scratch your head wondering what bad illustrations could be like. There are different aspects of an illustration based on which its quality can be determined. Let’s, therefore, discuss what you need to avoid doing to prevent your illustrations from receiving that ‘bad’ tag-

  • Bad illustrations are clumsy. Just like there is an order in writing, there has to be an order in an illustration. The way it is presented to the readers should be coherent. But then coherence is something you cannot attain just by following certain set rules. To be honest, there are simply no set rules that you can follow to make your illustration appear coherent. This is an exercise of the brain. A coherent illustration narrates a story of its own that too in a free-flowing manner, which is easy to understand even for those readers who don’t like to spend a lot of time studying illustrations.
  • Another serious mistake that illustrators make is adding too many subjects in the illustration. It is really not a crime to have multiple subjects or objects in an illustration. But they need to look orderly and not out of place. Since you need really good skills to bring about this orderliness or coordination between the subjects, it is better to avoid putting a lot of objects or subjects in your illustrations. Try to convey the meaning of the illustration with the least possible objects in it. Don’t think it is impossible! If you are a good illustrator, then you will be able to deliver your message without creating chaos in the illustration.
  • A lot of illustrators fail to match the mood of the illustration with the mood of the text. This is a mistake that can cost the book dearly. If you are an illustrator, then you will have to read the text first for which you are creating your Children book illustrations. Once you have understood the mood properly, you are ready to start drawing your illustration. 
  • Whether you create your illustration with your own hand or use some digital platform for it, it is important that whatever you create looks neat. This is especially crucial when your illustrations are meant for a children’s book.

So, now that you know how good illustrations can be created by avoiding some simple mistakes, there is no reason why you should not keep these points in mind the next time you create an illustration. But then if you are not an illustrator or are only an amateur, then it would not be wise to create illustrations for your book on your own. Consider hiring an illustrator for this job. Thankfully, you can easily find an illustrator for hireirrespective of where in this world you live.