Tuesday, January 19

Best Mobile Tracking App without Permission

Are you looking for the best mobile phone tracking app? There are several apps rightly available in the spy market that claim to provide desired results to the end-user. However, the selection of an efficient and reliable tracker app is tricky. You can find out the best being more conscious about features and price. If a mobile monitoring app offers advanced features at a reasonable price, it is definitely worth buying. After reviewing the most popular mobile monitoring and parental control apps, we have picked up the most trusted app. Read on to know how this app works and what features it offers to the user.

Best Mobile Tracker App

When compared with the mobile phone monitoring apps rightly accessible, The One Spy mobile tracker app is found to provide the user with trusted results. It enables parents and employers to keep a secret eye on the mobile phone usage of their children and workers. The app offers a wide range of advanced spying features enabling the end-user to track and control the targeted device without having access. You can check out any phone without needing to take it into custody. The spy app lets you oversee the digital behavior of your concerned person or group even remaining far away from them.

How the Cell Phone Spy App Works

As depicted by name, the spy app works with complete secrecy without disturbing any function of the targeted phone. Moreover, the target does not receive any clue of spying app working in the mobile phone. The app secretly accesses data stored on the device that include but not limited to contacts, photos, audios, videos, call history, emails, and GPS location. It uploads the data to the confidential online account of TOS using the internet connection of the phone. The app is powerful enough to remote control the camera and microphone of the target device.

What are the Main Features of The App?

The app comes preloaded with scores of high-tech rooted and unrooted features. Some of the features need your android device to be rooted to run, whereas, the other features support unrooted device. Check out the main features of the app below.

Mobile Tracking App

GPS Location Finder

The android spyapp lets you find out the GPS location of your concerned person. Once you install the app on your target’s phone, you can keep an eye on their movements. The app lets you know where your target is at the moment and where they were before. It provides a current GPS location and location history of the monitored Android device.

Remote Control Camera & MIC

Have you ever imagined controlling the smartphone of your target? The cell phone tracker app lets you operate the camera and microphone of your target’s phone. By using these features, you can see what is happening in the vicinity of the device. You can capture the events remotely by taking photos and making videos using the front and back photos and video cameras of the device.

Live Screen Recording

The screen recording app lets you capture screen of the targeted device without needing to possess the phone. You can send the command to the device to make it start screen recording or screenshots right away. However, your device must be connected to the internet to receive and execute the direction.

Call Recording

You can keep track of phone calls of your family members by getting their phones monitored. The app automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls of your target. Then, it uploads these calls to the confidential online account of TOS. Also, it uploads call history and contact information of callers and recipients to the secret account.

Retrieve Messages

As well as phone calls, the spy app allows tracking text messages and emails of the object. You can read incoming and outgoing messages of your concerned ones without them knowing.

Track Instant Messengers

The spy monitors instant messaging apps and allows retrieving chats made by your target via WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Skype, Snapchat, Telegram, Kik, IMO, Hangout and Yahoo messenger.

Monitor Social Media

Parents can keep an eye on social media activities of their children by tracking Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and many other commonly used social apps. The spy app allows reading chats and watching posts made via these social apps.