Friday, September 18

Best 3illustration styles

Styles in Illustrations

There are several styles of illustrations right from picture book illustrations, concept art to advertising to comics. You might want to learn about the different kinds of styles of illustrations if you are anywhere related to publishing of books or are in the world of advertising. It will be quite beneficial if you understand the difference between them when choosing a suitable illustrator for your work. You will be able to express yourself well when you know a little bit about their world. Broadly the illustrations can be classified into two- raster and vector. Raster images are all images which are finite in size that have fixed size which can be very big or small. While a vector image is one which is not finite in size and it can be scaled to any size without losing its quality.

Concept Art

As the name suggests Concept art is a type of illustration which gives an idea for use in films, animation or video games. Concept art is normally finalized over various iterations and in the supervision of a Director considering the broader aspect of its use. It is like inventing a new thing which does not exist right now, like some fantasy character or some sci-fi background, or even for a new kind of automobile. It was first introduced in the 1930s by Disney. 

Children’s Book Illustrations

Best Children Book Illustration Styles  can be done in a variety of styles. The illustrations can be very detailed realistic ones, or simplistic whimsical. It can be full of bright colors or black and white monochrome drawings. Each illustrator has their own style and their works can be equally admired by the readers. The most important quality of a children book illustration is that it should be able to convey the story in artwork and should catch the interest of the young readers. 

Comics/ Graphic Novels

Comics and graphic novels are mostly about images. They communicate the whole concept with the help of images with a little bit of text underlining the concept or in form of a dialogue. Comics are a sequence of images and texts in speech balloons or captions or just sound effects. Size and arrangement of these panels contribute towards the narration of the event. Expressions play a major role in doing these kinds of illustrations.

Books / Publications / Editorial

Many epics/historical/geographical books rich in illustration have hand painted illustrations which are then printed in final copy. This kind of work is unique and expensive. It requires a lot of experience, time and effort from the artist to do them. The minor details cannot be ignored when doing these kinds of illustrations as they are usually factual and any publication will not want to give wrong information through an error in the artwork. Therefore, it’s important that the illustrator is experienced and understands the minute details.