Tuesday, January 19

Benefits of Machine Learning For the Manufacturing Industry

What is machine learning? The study of computer algorithms that increases automatically through experience without the need of being overtly programmed. The development of computer programs that can access data without the intervention of human beings and use it themselves for growth and learning is the main function of machine learning.

With the help of machine learning high quality products can be produced at a low cost. Data is a valuable resource and it has become easier than ever before to capture and store data. Process based machine learning uses artificial data which manufacturers can use to improve product quality, production efficiency and safety of employee.

There are a large number of machine learning companies in the manufacturing industry. Also, the real-life examples of machine learning are speech recognition, image recognition, predictions while communication, search engine result refining, email spam and many more.

The benefits of machine learning in manufacturing industry are:

Predictive maintenance leads to cost reduction

Predictive maintenance causes less maintenance as a result labour cost, material wastage and inventory are reduced to a great deal.

Foreseeing remaining useful life or RUL

With the help of machine learning, behaviour of machines and equipment can be foreseen. Thus, machine health can be maintained and its performance is improved. So foreseeing RUL helps in detecting unexpected machine failure that saves a lot of interruption.

Boosts supply chain management

A fine supervised and coordinated production flow by competent inventory management boosts supply chain management in the manufacturing industry.

Enhanced quality control

Machine learning or AI make available actionable visions to continuallyimproves product value. Therefore, it helps to improve product quality by enhanced quality control.

Customer orientated marketing

The growth of manufacturing industries relies on catering to the needs of the customer and customer satisfaction. So, machine learning makes it possible by instantly

re-joining to any changes in the market demand.

Active human robot collaboration

Machine learning allows improved and active human robot collaboration that is crucial for increasing the safety of the employees and thus enhancing overall efficiency. Besides robots can perform complex and dangerous tasks that are harmful for humans. The new robots can exceed the assemblage lines that they once were consigned to. Machine learning gives access to tackling heavy complicated techniques than ever before. Hence it is a boon for the manufacturing industry.


Manufacturing industries are the foremost adopters of new technology from robotics, automation and digital solutions. Also, machine learning is highly beneficial to the manufacturing industry as it leads to cost reduction, boosts supply chain management, enhanced quality control, customer orientated marketing, prediction of RUL and active human robot collaboration.

Therefore, all the top most manufacturing companies of the world are involving and embracing digitization by the help of machine learning. Machine learning in manufacturing industry has become vital today as numerous complex tasks can be carried out by in just a matter of time. Finally besides the above mentioned benefits various other solutions are also on the way to come.