Tuesday, January 19

Advantages of Lycra feeder cotton

Comfortable and versatile clothes are part of every person’s wardrobe. The comfort of the clothes depends on the fabric used to manufacture them like we wear cotton clothes in summer and woolen clothes in winter. Similarly, another fabric that remains in high demand throughout the year is lycra feeder cotton. This fabric is used to design beautiful attires and stylish dresses. It provides an attractive look to all the attires. This is available in many different colors, texture, and lengths. This fabric is very stretchable so also used to make leggings and garments. This fabric is a blend of the natural fibers of cotton and artificial fibers of the Lycra.

Some benefits of Lycra fabric include – 

  1. Comfort – It is breathable and lightweight material. It is also one of the most flexible and comfortable fabrics. Over the years it becomes one of the favorite fabrics of all. It is super soft so also used to made baby’s clothes. Because of its high demand, people start investing in its business as a result there are numerous manufacturers of this fabric available in the market.
  2. Durable – it is a durable fabric. It doesn’t curl or shrink even after many washes. It has usually longer life than other fabrics made from the other blends. Buying clothes of this fabric means one is investing in the long term item. The cotton fibers keep the sunlight and other rays away from the clothes to protect them from damage. 
  3. Elasticity – the elasticity of this fabric varies from 70% to 300%. It fits very well with every person’s body and provides them a beautiful look. People generally prefer to wear clothes made from this fabric at the time of the gym. The cotton fibers of this fabric keep the environment chemicals away from the body and also absorb all the sweat at the time of exercise. Because of its great elasticity, they are also used to make the athlete’s clothes. 
  4. Maternity clothes – the feeder cotton lycra fabric is used to make the clothes for the mothers expecting the baby. The leggings made from this fabric give the mothers comfort. It keeps on stretching as the belly of mothers keep on growing throughout the pregnancy. It keeps the mothers happy and provides them a stylish look throughout the pregnancy.
  5. Life span and easy maintenance – the clothes made from this fabric are very easy to maintain as they don’t wrinkle and curl. They can be maintained for even longer life by following some simple steps like never wash clothes of this fabric in the hot water, always prefer dry cleaning or hand cleaning and never use chlorine bleach on this fabric. 

There are many lycra feeder cotton textile companies available in India. Even India is the world leader in textile raw materials. If you are a newcomer and wanted to pursue your business in the textile industry this is an amazing choice. You can easily get raw material to make different blended fabrics. For more information, you can search online.