Tuesday, January 19

4 Advantages of Having Temporary Floor Protection Mats During Construction Projects

Your home is a peaceful place where you spend quality time with your family and organize party for your friends. However, the whole scenario changes when you proceed for home construction to make it more spacious and beautiful. The walls suddenly disappear, storm of dust and debris on your expensive floor marbles, strange people come and go throughout the day and your peaceful place becomes some sort of a battleground. Above all nuisance, it will be very embarrassing and painful if your expensive wooden floor gets damaged. It will be a nightmare for homeowner. To avoid such expensive disaster to happen, home renovation professionals strongly suggest to lay down quality mats for temporary floor protectionbefore starting any type of construction work in your home.

There are plenty of reasons why you may require to protect your expensive floor. Whether you have a carpet, tiles, marbles or other expensive flooring surface, there is a specific temporary floor protection covering that will work best for your floor.


1. Protect your beloved carpet

Carpet is a very soft and traditional floor covering product and if left uncovered, the house construction work will ruin it. The best solution to protect your carpet is to have carpet protection film in Melbourne which is basically a plastic sheeting that is sticky on one side. It is very easy to install the carpet mask sheet. This will protect your valuable carpets from heavy foot traffic, dust and debris.

2. Collect dust too

By placing trap mats on doorways, you can catch the dust and debris, before it even enters your home. Trap mats are ideal solution to collect and remove dust and debris from the foot. This mat serves a cost-effective way to capture all the dust and relieve you from repeated cleanings of the non-construction area of the house. Place these dust trapping mats onto any clean surface. You can easily remove these mats and it will not affect the floor.

3. Protection mats for sleek and stylish tiles

Tiles are considered as a durable and scratch-resistant flooring material which enhance the appeal of house. However, when there is renovation going on in your house, any mishap can damage your expensive tiles. And a single scratch on a tile can create an embarrassing look. Flooring contractors recommend to place ground protection mats Australia during house construction or renovation work. These protection mats will prevent damage to the tiles while keeping them clean and hygienic.

4. Protection for hardwood floors

If you have laid expensive wooden floors in your home, then you understand the horrible feeling when you find scratches on your floor. Wooden surfaces are more prone to get scratches during house construction work. Fortunately, there are some ideal temporary solutions available that can protect your expensive flooring. You can avoid any damage or scratch to your floors by applying eco-friendly floor protection mats made from breathable material.

Ground protection flooring products will protect your floor from heavy-foot traffic, construction and building renovation work. Depending on the type of construction, tools, and type of materials used, you can use reliable ground protection mats to protect your floors from getting scratches. Talking to a professional flooring protector is strongly recommended as he can suggest you the right kind of floor protection mat that will keep your floors safe and secure throughout the duration of construction work.